11/12/17 Update

We saw steady technical and business progress over the course of the week. Below is a summary of major events.

- Enzo traveled to San Franciso to review the design of the Trailblazer main engine prior to initial hardware manufacturing. He worked with Ansys at their corporate headquarters to set up a comprehensive fluid simulation of the engine injector and chamber assembly. 

- Matthew has permanently relocated up to New Jersey in the company apartment. Previously acquired assets have been successfully transported up, including the engine test stand and a 1U Cubesat.

- Detailed design work has been progressing well on the Trailblazer vehicle, and both the propellant tank and the plumbing system are in the works.

- The full-scale engineering model is under construction and we expect initial assembly by the end of next week.

- The proposal for NASA's Cubesat Launch Initiative is being drafted. 

- Cubesat product development is progressing according to plan, with testing being performed on the EPS module this week. We expect to be able to take orders towards the end of November.

- We have started reaching out to Spaceport Camden and Kennedy Space Center for long-term collaboration.

We are in good financial shape with respect to our burn rate. Some major expenses are planned for next week, including the cheque for our Ansys simulation software and some furniture purchases.