11/18/17 Update

As per our development plan, thorough simulations and engineering work are underway on the Trailblazer vehicle. In addition, we would like to highlight the following.

  • The testing plan for the Trailblazer 9.5kN engine has been clearly delineated. Catalytic bed testing will begin next week and necessary materials have been ordered.
  • Valve and plumbing design have been progressing at a high speed this week and we expect a design ready to manufacture by the next. We noted that this will provide us with designs and IP that can be commercialized.
  • High test peroxide distillation has begun in order to produce peroxide for development tests. We are also evaluating the prospects of producing HTP in-house as a cost-saving measure.
  • A number of suppliers for the Trailblazer vehicle have been contacted and established to minimize risks for key, hard-to-obtain elements of the vehicle.

Progress has also been made on other tasks.

  • Integration of the flight 1U Cubesat has begun, along with the drafting of various satellite launch proposals with NASA (see picture below)
  • The body for the Trailblazer engineering model is being prepared for mating with the nosecone the coming week (see picture below)
  • The employee health plan is being arranged. A report will be sent to Lightcraft via email in the near future.