An orbital launch vehicle FOr less than a million.


Helios is the smallest and lowest cost orbital launcher ever developed, opening up new possibilities for nanosatellite design and cost effective space access. It offers dedicated flight opportunities for Cubesat class spacecraft that has a growing requirement for mission flexibility, launch slots, and turnaround time. This give us a number of key competencies.

  • Ability to tailor missions to customer specifications
  • Fly what you need, when you need: no wait time incurred by rideshare or SmallSat launchers
  • Accommodations for special orbits and payloads: this enables previously impossible missions, fulfilling requirements for odd-shaped payloads, hazardous materials, and power during launch
  • SSO, highly eccentric/inclined, and polar orbits

The small size of the launcher allows both development and production cost to scale down greatly due to reduced complexities in vehicle design. Lighter components and first stage paves the way for partial reusability, providing for a significant cost benefit that couples with the high launch rate bring down the cost drastically. Each launch on a Helios vehicle is priced tentatively to start as low as $550,000.

The launch vehicle is key for customers looking for a fast, guaranteed launch opportunity, satellite constellation deployment, or need to fly satellites that have special requirements in processing. We allow access to specialized mission profiles which are not accessible through rideshare launches.


Launch vehicle specifications
  Total vehicle mass     1820kg  
  Height     9.1m  
  Diameter     0.80m  
  Fuel     LOX-Methane first stage, Green hypergolic second stage
  Solid third stage  
  First stage thrust     30kN  
  Second stage thrust     5kN  
  Third stage thrust     2kN  
  Payload capacity to 400km circular orbit     14kg