A low cost suborbital research platform

Aphelion fills in the gap left by the lack of supply in the suborbital flight business. The technology demonstration, research, and pharmaceutical-biophysical markets can all benefit greatly from the availability of prolonged microgravity and space exposure flights which can only be provided by sounding rockets. Some potential applications are listed — but the scope of Trailblazer’s capabilities is up to our client’s imagination. Depending on the requested configuration, Trailblazer is capable of reaching anywhere from 100-325 kilometers in altitude, with the help of an advanced hybrid-rocket booster and kerosene-peroxide engine. This gives our system numerous advantages over either balloon launched, or orbital flights. Namely, the ability of the customer to configure the payload section in a way that suits their application, as well as lower price per unit of mass than either a balloon or orbital flight.

  • Heliospheric and aeronomic research
  • Technology demonstration/space hardware qualification missions
  • Microgravity research in pharmaceutical and medical industries
  • Communication system testing
  • Space environment exposure

The rocket utilizes key innovations such as high performance carbon fiber composites, miniaturized control systems required for the realization of nanolaunchers, and new construction techniques that offer cost and weight saving advantages. Our peroxide-based propulsion system employs high density propellants that provide us a significant advantage at the nano-vehicle scale. The Trailblazer rocket is projected to conduct its first test flight by early 2018 after two years of development and testing. Launches will be made available with short turnaround, and from a variety of launch sites, and anywhere an FAA waiver to a sufficient altitude can be attained.

Trailblazer specifications
  Total vehicle mass     185kg  
  Height     5.5m  
  Diameter     0.31m  
  Optional booster thrust     40kN  
  Sustainer thrust     9.5kN  
  Payload capacity to 160km     10kg  
  Payload volume     18 Liters